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Courses: Ballet

Ballet is the base of all dance forms and it is our focus at Reaching Heart Center.  We offer many different levels to accomodate all students.  The following is a guideline outlining basic skills and intended age range for the students.

Our ballet intructors include: owner, director Melissa Heart; Sara King; Francesca Ruini-Spoltzfus; Lauren Turley; Sally Hambleton and guest artist inresidence Todd Hall.  

Course Pricing

Classes are priced at a rate of $15 for 45 minute classes; $16 for hour classes; $19 for 1 a quarter hour classes, $21 for one and a half hour classes and $23 for two hour classes.

Classes are calculated based on how many classes are in session for that particular day of the week, during the entire term.  

Please note that discounts are given to children who take over 2 classes per week. Please check Parent's info page!

Ballet 1

This class meets one time per week.  Students should be in first or second grade.  Class color is light pink!


Students will develop a sense of body awareness both working in stationary positions and when moving through space.  Every class will begin with floor stretching and strengthening exercises, and then progress to simple barre exercises done in the center with either an invisible barre or two hands on a portable barre.  Placement is the most important skill taught at this level.  Students will learn basic feet and arm positions and begin working with musical phrasing.  Students should master pas de bouree, balance, and simple port de bras (carriage of the arms).

Ballet 2A

This class meets two days per week. Students are generally in grades 2 or 3 and are eager and able  to focus on detailed instructions.  Class color is light blue!


Children will have half an hour of barre work, focusing on proper form and technique. Proper ballet classroom ettiquette is stressed while still having a comfortable learning environment.  Dancers will spend the first half of the year with two hands at the barre.   Later in the year the one hand at the barre technique is introduced, with the idea of "working" and "supporting" leg, and body directions are introcuced.   Students will learn center exercises that focus on concepts introduced at the barre. Students will begin to master more complex coordination of the arms and legs and begin working on spotting.

Students in Ballet 2 are required to take two classes per week.  This helps reinforce proper alignment by muscle memory.  Students focus on proper ballet terminology which is reinforced in both barrework and the center. Students learn to work in fifth position and are introduced to turns aross the floor.  This is a year students really begin to blossom with more frequent classes!

Ballet 2B

Students in Ballet 3 are typically in grades 3-5, they are required to study ballet 3 days per week. They often stay in this class for more than one year.  The class color is lavender!


Students now are doing a solid barre of approximately 45 minutes.  The focus is clearly on proper alignment of the body and a focus on the intricacies of becoming a ballerina.  Students are introduced to the idea of lifting their legs to a 45 degree angle. Introduction of pas de basque, pas de chat,   Repetition, repetition, repetition, are what helps students correct any bad habits and learn to hold their bodies with grace.  

Simple Center work includes adagio, jumps, and on turns including: Piques, chainees, waltz turns and pirouettes. Most students at this level continue their training with our Ballet intensive summer program.  Students in this level range in age from 9 - 12.  

Ballet 2C

Students in Ballet 4 are taking at least 3 technique classes per week.  The Ballet 4 Workshop is a great 4th class which is strongly encouraged. (Please see description below). The class color is dusty rose!

Students in Ballet 4 are eager and full of promise and quite commited as most study ballet 3 days per week plus their ballet workshop!  They are able to focus during a 45 minute barre, and continue to work towards perfecting their technique. At the barre exercises are repeated in a greater quanity and at a quicker tempo.  Usually students in this level are study ballet year round and use the summer program to progress further.  Students have a thorough understanding of ballet terminology and use proper terms when in class. Students are introduced to the concept of epaulment in the center.  Students as this level are introduced to basic adagios and grand and petite allegros are a part of class.   Students should master the nine positions of the body.  

Ballet 3A

Students at this level are generally in grades 5 -8 .  They are required to dance at least 3 days per week and encouraged to take the 4th class which is the ballet workshop. The class color is royal blue!


Students are taking a 45 minute barre.  Center work consists of adagio, jumps, simple petite allegro and simple grand allegro.  The nine positions of the body are emphasized and students focus on many types of turns including pirouettes, chainees, piques, and soutenus.  Pre pointe is introduced through band work, foot exercises, and barre work.


This class is open by invitation of the director based on a students thorough understand of both ballet terminology and the attainment of proper placement.  Most students are betweeen grades 5 - 9, most have been studying ballet for over 3 years, they are expected to study ballet 4 days per week.  The class color is dark purple!


Students have a barre which lasts close to one hour.  Exercises are varied and will include slow sustained movements and quick paced tempos with much repetitiont to increase strength and stamina. Work will include 45 and 90 degree angles with the working leg and more sustained balances.  

Center work will include adagio, jumps focusing on a variety of beats, petite allegro including: jete battus, brisees, ballones, ballotays, sissonnes, cabrioles and truns in a circle (manage). Students at this level are expected to continue their training in the summer ballet intensive.  


Students who have graduated to our upper level classes are generally very dedicated. Most take four full length technique classes per week and most students are now dancing on pointe.  Most of these students elect to augment their ballet training with one or two specials (jazz, hip hop, or tap). The class color is black!

Classes generally consist of a 50 minute barre (sometimes longer)!  Center work consists of adagio, jumps, petite allegro and grand allegro.  Steps that should be mastered include the many types of pirouettes, most beating jumps, manage, fouette turns, tour jetes, cabrioles, brisees, brisee volle and many more!  They should have a good performance quality and use it during every class! Each class is followed by approximately 45 minutes of pointe work!   Most of our upper students also dance a rigourous schedule during their summer months.  They generally partake in our many performance opportunites throughout the year.  

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Nutcracker 2018 December 21,22,23

Ring in the holiday season with our full length traditional ballet featuring local dancers and professional dancer, Marko Micov! Make this part of your holiday for the whole family. Four shows at Monomoy High School. 

Friday, December 21st at 6:30pm, Saturday, December 22nd at 1:00pm & 6:30pm, and Sunday, December 23rd at 1:00pm

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Fall/Winter Hours

Our dance studio is open during the following hours:

(and usually a whole lot more)... Call us ahead to make sure we are here!

Mondays: 9-2:00 pm & 3:45 - 7:30 pm
Tuesdays: 9 - 2:00 & 3:45 - 7:30 pm
Wednesdays: 3:45 - 6:00 pm
Thursdays: 9 - 2:00  & 3:45 - 7:30 pm
Fridays: 9 - 12:00 pm & 3:45 - 6:30 pm
Saturdays: 9:00 - 4:30 pm

Storytale Ballets

This family event features two original ballets... Alice and Wonderland and Hanna and Gretyl. Both of these short ballets will delight all ages!

Call 508.430.4303, if you would like one of these shows to come to your school!


This past summer, RHSB had their first performance of this comedic ballet!  Our talented dancers joined professional dancer Marko Micov, soloist from Ballet San Antonio to create a memorable beautiful dance event!


We are currently enrolling students for our 2018/2019 school year.  We begin our Fall season on Saturday September 8th. Please call the studio and we will be happy to help you decide on the best class for your child.

Birthday Parties!

Reaching Heart is a magical place for a party.  We include a one hour dance class( ballet, jazz or hip hop) and an age appropriate craft!  You provide the food, we help you set up and clean up!  Call for dates and more information!

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